QUINTA DOVALLOUTO In an association between Lello Bookshop, recognized as the third best in the world, and Quinta do Vallouto Gourmet Olive Oil, PRÓLOGO LIVREIROS, S.A. ( LIVRARIA LELLO) and Quinta do Vallouto held the first presentation with a tasting session of the exclusive Quinta do Vallouto Olive Oil.The event took place on the 17th of May in the emblematic Lello Bookshop and featured presentations by the PRÓLOGO director Mr. Antero Braga, Quinta do Vallouto business partner Mr. Pedro Sousa Guedes, the endocrinologist doctor Mrs. Maria João Oliveira and the haute cuisine Chef Hélio Loureiro.
On the 7th of June, 2013, at Estalagem de Santo André in Póvoa do Varzim, we had the pleasure to introduce Quinta do Vallouto in this tasting event, to the Thanet Wine Appreciation Society. Our thanks to Estalagem de Santo André and to the Chairman of the society, Mr. Geoff Simpson, for his kind words, and through him, thank you very much to all members of the TWAS for their charming and interested participation on the event. Todos os direiros reservados e propriedade de Quinta do Vallouto®. Reprodução não autorizada sem prévio acordo. All rigths reserved and property of  Quinta do Vallouto® . No reproduction of content or link allowed without consent. Events
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